Brand Identity Systems

brand identity designSo, now you have your logo all finalized and ready to go. Your graphic logo files are safely tucked away on your computer, and it’s time to work on your company’s brand identity.  The single most important aspect of your brand identity system is consistency. It’s imperative that your logo, your colors, your communications and everything else that goes along with your brand convey a unified representation of your company.

Small Business Branding Services

You may be wondering why you need a brand identity system when you already have your logo. This is a common question for new business owners. Your brand certainly includes your logo, but it actually goes well beyond your logo design and spills into all aspects of your new company.  Believe it or not, this even includes the tone of your verbal and written communications with your clients. How do you want your prospective and existing clients to remember you? This is all an important part of your brand strategy and now is the perfect time to establish these brand parameters.

Brand Identity Components

Your brand identity system includes all the marketing materials you will use to get your new business off the ground or to polish your existing image. It starts with a business card, but should also include letterhead (both print and electronic), an envelope and perhaps a mailing label. This is just one part of your brand identity system. Other aspects of this important identity system for your company include brochures & newsletters, website design and social media marketing… all services I offer as well.

It’s important to spend time to develop this aspect of your business. It is truly the foundation of your business and getting off on the right foot with a stunning logo and a solid identity system is imperative for the future growth and success of your new venture.

Please contact me about your brand identity system. I’d love to hear more about your business and am eager to help!